Position: Maintenance Operator

Joining date: ASAP

Duration: 4-weeks on/4-weeks off

Vessel's type: FPSO, Oil

Deadweight: 289,979

Prime Mover Detail: Non Propelled

Year of Build: 1975

The Maintenance Operator will exhibit a high standard of safety behaviour while carrying out Engine Room maintenance and Engine Room system operation. He may be expected to performmaintenance, welding, machining, pipe and mechanical fitting and related activities. Dependingon his qualifications, he acts as the Junior Watchkeeper.

Pre-hire Qualifications and Experience

- 3 years experience in shipping as a watch keeping Engine Room rating, STCW Reg.AIII/4, or EOOW STCW Reg.AIII/1 OR general maintenance skills including fitting, and Coded Welding qualification.

- VLCC /Large Seagoing Vessel Engine Room or FPSO operations experience desirable.

Телефон для справок +7(8617)308-398
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