Position: Engine Room Supervisor

Joining date: October 2021 (ASAP)

Duration: 8 weeks on / 3 weeks off

Vessel's type: FPSO, Oil

Deadweight: 234,104

Prime Mover Detail: Design: General Electric (Group: General Electric), Engine Builder: AG Weser - Bremen1 x Unknown, Mcr: 23,205 kW (31,550 hp) at 0 rpm

Year of Build: 1974

The Engine Room Supervisor is specifically responsible for the operation and maintenance of Engine Room equipment and systems and also the competence of those under his immediate supervision.

 Pre-hire Qualifications and Experience:

  1.  STCW III/2 Chief Engineer Officer on ships powered by main propulsion machinery of 3,000 kW propulsion power or more (Steam and Motor endorsement preferred), (DCE for Petroleum/Gas as appropriate)
  2. Experience as Chief Engineer on VLCC preferred and at least 2 yrs as 1st Engineer.
  3. Experience and knowledge of hydrocarbon processing and utility systems desirable.
  4. Computer literate in Management System ‘Office’ software packages and experienced on maintenance management systems.
  5. Experience in Permit to Work Systems.

Телефон для справок +7(8617)308-398
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